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Your smile forms a vital part of your self-confidence and how you feel about your appearance. Nobody wants to be the person never smiling in group photographs because they feel embarrassed by the teeth. If this rings true for you, then it’s worth booking a consultation with an expert dental practitioner at Inverness Smiles. They will be able to guide you through which options will be the most beneficial for you. Here, you’ll find some of the more common procedures so you can begin your research into how you would like to move forwards.


Teeth Whitening


By far the most regular cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is a quick and painless procedure. Often, you will receive the gel to take home with you so you can top up as needed. Dental discoloration occurs for all sorts of reasons, not just poor dental hygiene. It could be a high consumption of dark food and beverages – tea, coffee, sodas and red wine are the chief culprits. Otherwise certain types of medication can cause tooth enamel to discolor, as well as simply age. Whatever the reason, teeth whitening can give you back the confidence in your smile.




Considered cosmetic as they can improve the look of your teeth significantly, veneers are thin shells made out of incredibly sturdy, medical-grade porcelain, which are fitted exactly over your existing teeth. They can be used to cover up minor chips and cracks, or even some misalignment. Your dentist will take a molding of your teeth so the veneers fit exactly, and you will be able to eat and drink as normal with them on.


Composite Bonding


Another standard procedure, composite bonding is used to fill any cracks and chips in your teeth when there are only one or two and so veneers would be unnecessary. Your dentist will carefully clean any damage or decay from the tooth before applying the bond. This will allow the composite to adhere to your tooth and then the dentist can file and shape the composite (which will have been made to fit the area in question anyway) so it bends seamlessly in with the surrounding teeth.




A crown fitting is an extremely popular procedure. Your dentist will insert a tiny screw into your jaw bone, which the crown can attach to. This will be fitted once the skin has fused around the screw and it is healed. A crown in used to replace the whole top of a tooth and is regularly used when the tooth is too badly damaged to support a regular filling.




This is a highly effective way of improving the appearance of teeth, whether through growing awkwardly or gaining a small chip. Your dentist will use an electric file to reshape the tooth and give it a smooth and even finish.


Cosmetic dentistry, Birmingham, AL has seen an increase in recent years. Your smile will make you look and feel younger, and you want to be able to show off those pearly whites with confidence. So, if your teeth are a cause for concern, pick up the phone today.