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Do you feel shy about your smile? Are you the one in photographs with your lips clamped shut whereas everybody else seems to be beaming, showing off beautifully white teeth? Tooth discoloration is nothing to be embarrassed about – and yet so many of us are. It can happen for any number of reasons, some entirely beyond out control. It isn’t just a result of poor dental hygiene or food and drink that cause stains. It can be to do with age, genetics, even some medications.


 Why Teeth Whitening?

Need teeth whitening in Birmingham, AL? We provide this service at Inverness Smiles and it is a great way to improve your smile and feel more confident in every situation. It’s easy to do and results are fast so you won’t even be waiting too long before you can show off your teeth with pride.


You’ll find your self-esteem will be boosted as the gel used for teeth whitening, Birmingham AL, can have dramatic effects in just one appointment. The dental practitioners will use a gel that is smoothed onto the surface of your teeth and works to lift stains and discolorations.


We all want to achieve that radiant, white-toothed smile, but we live in a world filled with coffee, tea and the occasional glass of red wine. Having your teeth whitened will improve your confidence and make you look and feel younger. We associate a brilliant smile with youth and beauty – we look younger when we smile, and you’ll want to smile for sure when you have gorgeous white teeth!


 Teeth Whitening Maintenance

Whitening is easy to maintain as well. Most dentists will give you a kit to take home with you so you can maintain the appearance of your new smile yourself. You can freshen up your pearly whites whenever it suits you.


For the first 24 hours after whitening, it’s advisable to avoid staining foods. Teeth have a protective layer called the acquired pellicle. This is removed during the whitening process – don’t worry, the barrier develops quickly again but it takes around 24 hours for it to fully reform. During this period, avoid dark foods and tobacco products as much as possible. This will minimize re-staining. Think about your teeth like a white t-shirt – anything that would leave a stain should be avoided for the first 24 hours.


Next Steps

If you live in Birmingham AL and are looking for improved dental care and a gleaming smile, then teeth whitening may be the perfect choice for you. Many patients report improved oral hygiene after they have had their teeth whitened – after all, if you have a beautiful smile, you want to look after it. There may be some discomfort during the gel application, but this is rare and your dentist can provide you with a high fluoride desensitizing get which will prevent any soreness. There’s also a possibility that your gums may be tender and even bleed a little when brushing after the whitening application – don’t worry, this is completely normal, but we suggest using a softer toothbrush than normal if this is occurring for you.


If you’ve been uncomfortable with your smile and hiding it from the rest of the world, then don’t delay. Your brightest and most radiant smile could be just a phone call away.