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Patient Coordinator

Job Description:

The Patient Coordinator at Inverness Smiles plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of a dental practice. This position requires a combination of administrative, customer service, and organizational skills to provide high-quality patient care and support the dental office team. This position reports to the Practice Manager.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Patient Scheduling:

  • Manage and schedule patient appointments, ensuring the dental office runs efficiently and meets the needs of both patients and the dental team.
  • Coordinate and confirm appointment times with patients via phone, email, or in person.
  • Handle rescheduling and cancellations as needed while optimizing the appointment schedule.

2. Front Desk Duties:

  • Greet and welcome patients upon arrival, creating a friendly and professional atmosphere in the waiting area.
  • Verify patient information, insurance details, and relevant documentation.
  • Manage patient records and update them as necessary.

3. Insurance Coordination:

  • Assist patients in understanding their dental insurance coverage, benefits, and payment options.
  • Process insurance claims and ensure accurate billing for services rendered.
  • Follow up on insurance claims and resolve any discrepancies or denials.

4. Billing and Financial Transactions:

  • Collect payments for services, co-pays, and outstanding balances from patients.
  • Generate invoices and provide financial guidance to patients regarding treatment costs.
  • Maintain accurate financial records and assist with financial reporting.

5. Customer Service:

  • Provide excellent customer service by answering patient inquiries, addressing concerns, and ensuring a positive patient experience.
  • Handle patient complaints or issues professionally and escalate them as necessary.

6. Administrative Support:

  • Assist in managing the reception area, including keeping it clean and organized.
  • Coordinate with dental assistants and hygienists to ensure a smooth patient flow.
  • Perform general administrative tasks, such as answering phones, filing, and handling mail.

7. Compliance and Regulations:

  • Ensure the dental office complies with all relevant regulations, including HIPAA and OSHA guidelines.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry changes and best practices in dental office administration.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • High school diploma or equivalent (some positions may require additional training or certification)
  • Prior experience in a dental office or medical office is beneficial
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proficiency in using dental practice management software (not essential but beneficial) and basic computer applications (essential).
  • Knowledge of dental terminology, procedures, and insurance processes (not essential but beneficial).
  • Ability to work well in a team and handle high-stress situations with professionalism.
  • Exceptional customer service skills and a friendly, welcoming demeanor.

The Dental Office Patient Coordinator is a vital link between the dental practice and its patients, ensuring a positive patient experience and effective office operations. This role requires a combination of administrative competence, customer service acumen, and dental industry knowledge to contribute to the success of the dental office.

Additional skill sets and qualities that are valuable for a Dental Office Patient Coordinator:

1. **Empathy and Compassion:** Show empathy and understanding towards patients, especially those who may be anxious or in pain, to create a comforting environment.

2. **Multitasking:** Manage various tasks simultaneously, including scheduling, billing, administrative duties, and patient interactions.

3. **Time Management:** Prioritize and allocate time effectively to meet the needs of both patients and the dental office.

4. **Problem-Solving:** Quickly and effectively address issues or challenges that may arise, such as scheduling conflicts or insurance discrepancies.

5. **Conflict Resolution:** Mediate and resolve conflicts or concerns between patients, staff, and insurance providers in a diplomatic manner.

6. **Attention to Detail:** Ensure accurate patient records, billing, and insurance information to avoid errors and discrepancies.

7. **Technical Proficiency:** Familiarity with dental practice management software and basic computer skills for data entry and record-keeping.

8. **Adaptability:** Be flexible in adapting to changes in the dental office's workflow, technology, or policies.

9. **Communication Skills:** Clearly and effectively communicate with patients, dental team members, and insurance providers, both verbally and in writing.

10. **Cultural and Diversity Sensitivity:** Be aware of and respectful of cultural and diversity considerations when interacting with a diverse patient population.

11. **Confidentiality:** Maintain strict patient confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

12. **Team Player:** Collaborate with other members of the dental office team to ensure a cohesive and efficient operation.

13. **Sales and Marketing Knowledge:** Some dental offices may require marketing skills to attract new patients and promote the dental practice's services.

14. **Stress Management:** Stay composed and professional during busy or stressful periods in the dental office.

15. **Continuous Learning:** Keep up-to-date with changes in dental and insurance regulations, as well as advancements in dental technology and procedures.

These additional skills and qualities are essential for a Dental Office Patient Coordinator to excel in their role, providing optimal patient care and contributing to the success of the dental practice.

Who We Are:

We are a growing dental office located on Valleydale Rd, off Hwy 280, with Dr. John Aiken at the helm. We have over 220 five star Google reviews from happy patients. This is because we live and work by our Core Values:

  • We believe in treating our patient as a person, rather than the condition of their mouth. Every one of our patients deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and kindness
    We believe in respecting one another at the office. Every team member is indispensable and critical to the success of our practice.
  • We believe in transparency when communicating with other teammates or our patients. We inform and educate our patients on ideal oral health and the condition of their mouth, so that they can make an informed decision about any procedure that is recommended to them. We are also upfront about the cost of procedures and how much we anticipate insurance will cover, so that we minimize financial surprises.
  • >We believe that high tech equipment is required in order to deliver excellent dental care to our patients. We have 3D imaging CT scans, intra-oral cameras, digital oral scanners, a CEREC machine to mill our own permanent crowns. Additionally we utilize a 3D printer for various cases at our office.
  • We are constantly improving our practice - whether by continuing education of our team or the actual facility itself or acquiring new technology. Every one of our team members has a personal and professional goal, and we strive to meet those goals by bettering ourselves every day.
  • Our team is comprised of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We also speak multiple languages. This is one of the reasons our team is so strong. We bring individual strength to the team with our diverse abilities. We welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities at our office.


What We Offer:

  • Salary range: $16 - $22 per hour, depending on level of experience and expertise
  • Supportive, friendly team
  • Opportunities for professional growth
  • Benefits - dental care for you and your family, paid holidays
  • Working Hours: Full time (Mon, Wed, Thurs 8 - 5, Tues 8 - 6, Fri 8 - 1)

How to Apply: If you're a customer service superstar with a passion for growth and our core values of communication, respect, and self-improvement, we want to hear from you!

Submit your resume and a cover letter highlighting your skills and experiences to info@invernesssmiles, Attn: Sunny.
Your resume MUST include 3 PROFESSIONAL references to be considered - preferably a supervisor who has overseen your work.

Join our dental family and help us provide top-notch care while propelling our practice forward. We can't wait to have you on our team!

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